Wednesday, 28 September 2011

I've had a lot of requests for a bedroom and wardrobe tour, so here it is! I don't know what you guys were expecting but its pretty basic and boring. The only thing I enjoy about my room is my diamond printed pastel coloured curtains that my mum round in the attic which I used as a little girl! 
There so pretty so i decided i wanted them back up!

Cuts and bruises

Monday, 26 September 2011

(Jumper - Deap £18, Backpack - Charity £8)
I have a couple of cuts on my knees and i loved how my tights looked with my plasters underneath it for some reason. Don't even ask me why, i'm kind of strange.

But yeah this is one of my new jumpers i bought last weekend in york, and my new back pack!

All vintage.

(tights - Topshop £8, Top - Aunties, Shoes - Docs £85, Hair band - Market £0.50)

Went shopping top york with my best friend and had literally 10 minutes to get ready so I just found these tights and put them with a top my auntie gave me.

I spent so much in York, i'll do a post of all my new clothes!

College otufits

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Day 1:

(The Orphan's Arms Skeleton Jumper - The Orphans Arm's £gifted, Levis Shorts - vintage, Patch work bag - Bangkok Market £15)

I was delighted when The Orphans Arms contacted me and offered to send me pieces of my choice!
Their clothing is brilliant! 

Day 2:

(Studded grey leather jacket - Topshop £70, Grey Dungarees - Charity Shop £3, Spotted Blouse - Topshop £30)

Most of the pieces from this outfit are quite old since all my new clothes were in the wash from Center Parcs!

Day 3:

(Mixed print jumper - Vintage, Jeans - Topshop £45, Green Vans - £38, Bag - Grandmas)

Feeling festive so just threw on this jumper and matched it with my green vans!

Handing out CV's

Tried to look slightly smart for the 98483758th time handing my CV's out. Hopefully i get a job :(!

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