(Top - Mink Pink x Nasty Gal. Jeans - Vintage £24, belt - vintage £16, Shoes - JC £100+/-)

 Mum taught me how to make Sushi >.<

And surprisingly it's really easy haha. My favorite is Salmon, avocado, egg and cucumber. 

Spinns: Bananas

Thursday, 16 August 2012

(Top  -Spinns harajuku £ from mother, jeans - moms, hat - topshop £12, platform jc's £ can't remember)

This is one of my favoruite t-shirts my mum brought me home from Tokyo from Spinns. I know its hardly summer in the UK but i like how bright it is and the back is pretty low, which i also like!

Safe eBay buy

Saturday, 11 August 2012

(glasses - eBay, £7-10, dress - gifted by Jovonnista)

I love eBay when you can buy things like this for a decent price and ok-ish quality. I just needed some glasses for leeds that I wasn't too bothered about loosing or breaking. But now i have them, i'll take a little more care heheh

bright orange dress bright orange hair

Monday, 6 August 2012

(Dress -  Topshop)

This dress is something I wouldn't really buy but i love the colour and it makes me look a lot more tan which is a bonus!


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