Plant-based diet: what to eat!?

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Breakfast: Overnight oats
Soak gluten free oats in water or coconut/almond milk over night with chia seeds. 
Add any toppings and have a side of mango or other choice of fruit!

Smoothie Bowl: Sprirulina, Wheat Grass, Chia Seeds, Pea Protein, frozen mango, frozen blueberries, topped with cocoa nibs and bananas. 

Vegan Sushi: 
Cucumber, sticky rice, nori wraps, tofu, avocado, okra and nato. Made by my mother as i am terrible at making sushi rolls :(

Salads (lunch and dinner):
Just huge salads I eat on the side of a large portion of fruit!
I try keep the fat content low and I never add salt or oils to my food.

Detox water:
Start the day with infused water (1litre)

Oil free steamed then baked mixed potatoes. I have made sweet potato and red potato fries, they seem to bake the nicest!

Overnight Oats:
Same as before!

Salad Sandwich:
German rye bread (oil and salt free) topped with a salad and mustard (hardly ever use)

Vegan Shepards pie:
 - I didn't add salt, oil or vegan cheese, its a totally clean and guilt free version! I like to add my own spin on recipes i find online due to lowering the fat content or because i don't have all the ingredients on hand.

Ripe bananas, dates, unsalted rice cakes.


Another large salad!

Anyone else have any good vegan, clean meal suggestions!


  1. All of this looks so amazing! I've not had overnight oats for ages but I think I'm going to make some tonight after seeing this. Serious food inspo.

    Pickles & Pinafores // UK Fashion Blog

  2. I became a vegan about two months ago (after being a vegetarian for two years) and I find this very helpful! I am always searching for food inspiration! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. ahh all of these dishes look amazing! I'm not vegan, but I do like to eat as healthy as possible and love these ideas

  4. All these look amazing! I recently became a high carb low fat, raw till 4 vegan doing 801010 so this is pretty similar to how I eat. Your smoothie bowls look amazing!! x

  5. Fantastic meals that are light and easy to prepare so re perfect for summer whether you're a vegan or not. Thank you so much for so many ideas! X

  6. I'm not vegan but I eat as healthy as possible lately and these food ideas have really inspired me! One of my favorite snacks is banana and almond spread, it's so delicious! Never really had a smoothie bowl before, gonna try that tomorrow morning

  7. it's amazing how many people on this lifestyle i've seen suddenly showing up! i really want to try this, it looks sooo good. dates are the best xo

  8. Definitely some good healthy food ideas! Looks so yummy!

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  11. Hi, what did you add to your second picture of overnight oats that made it green?

  12. do you know ? she unfortunately hasn't been making new posts in a while but all her food on there is ah-ma-zing! her recipes are (obviously) vegan and gluten free and she never uses oil either so a lot of them are low fat :)

  13. Amazing post! I'm headed to the kitchen to bake some sweet potatoe chips hehe x

  14. Such good inspo! Just wondering why the 2nd overnight oats are green...?!

  15. so happy to have found you and this post as i am going raw vegan again and needed all motivation i can get! everything looks delicious <3



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