hair update! (aka selfies)

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Just an update to show you my hair, so many selfies, i know :( !
It's finally as white as i'd like it, there are some yellowy tones left but Butchers Salon (london) did an amazing job, so happy with the out come. You should all check out their prices as their stylist are pretty skilled!


  1. You and your hair are giving me life right now!! You rock this colour so well xx

  2. so gorgeous..your hair is perfect <3

  3. Your shade is the shade I want so bad! I am at a white blonde at the moment but still have so much yellow left - it's a pain!

    Ashleigh x

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  4. I've always loved the look of white/silver hair. You suit it so much!

  5. Ridiculously jealous of your eye colour! This style suits you so much too! X

    Styling ripped jeans for summer over at-

  6. amazinggg on you! if only I was so brave!

    Rose and Weston x

  7. Love love your hair, suits you! Such an inspo <3

  8. Literally obsessed with you - like from the hair to your beautiful flawless skin - everything!



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