Miley Cyrus

Saturday, 4 December 2010

I adore Miley Cyrus. I love each of her looks on here, she's a mix of Boho and Rock and she pull's it of perfectly with her dirty blonde hair. Lots of people say she to 'racy' or too 'sexy' for her age but she's 18 and if someone in the UK dressed like her they'd think it was completely normal!


  1. i agree she gets way to much crap for how she looks, but even though i like mileys clothes i wouldnt call her a style icon or anything, but she's cool enough :) x

  2. I really like her style too. Effortlessly cool!

  3. I wouldn't say she's a style icon either, i just love her looks on these photos!

  4. i'll definitely be coming back for sure!
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  5. Aw yey, thats so nice! Thank-you. And yes i will visit x

  6. I couldn't agree more!!! Miley is beautiful and has a great fashion sense !

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