Half way there

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Well I was supposed to be dying the ends of my hair blondey-ish but it just went ginger even though I bought 'XXL Live bleach blonde look' and kept it on for a whole 15 minutes! -.-  But yeah this is it.

Doesn't anyone else agree that Sundays are THE worst days ever? But today i did find in my mums closet these amazingly tiny shorts and this 'vintage' Nikon professional camera. That was the only excitement of my entire day.


  1. Not long started blogging? Wow i already love your blog, love these photos and the last post i was excited about :)
    Now following


  2. you look really cool! love your blog :)

    you really remind me of Olivia L on lustforlife.com
    You should check it out x

  3. Aw thank you both!
    She's so beautiful, i wish i looked like her :O!

  4. did you keep your hair like this in the end?
    I love it

  5. Yeah, i've just changed my partening, my fringe is now on the side. You can see on my new post above..thankyou!

  6. A great vintage look. I especially love the sweater. Although you didnt intend for your hair to turn out this way I LOVE IT!




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