Treasure in the attic

Monday, 8 November 2010

Leeds Festival Barbour Coat - Check. 

So my mum was rummaging through the attic last week and stumbled across a number of large boxes labelled 'Old clothes'. She automatically knew id want them since i've got 0.00p in my bank right now and i'm obsessed with old, second hand, unwanted clothing. Along with clothing there was bags full of Christian Dior, Lancôme, Gucci and random unheard of designer testers of brand new exfoliates, face wash, make-up removers, perfumes, body spray and mascaras.

I actually couldn't stop screaming when I saw the (now £220 and sold out) Barbour jacket she still had from the 1980's. Leeds Festival is next year and i've been wanting one of these for so long now, since I saw it on Alexa Chung. There were dozens or other items but these are my favourites!


  1. oh, you're so lucky!! my mom didn't keep the old clothes :(
    btw, i love the skirt, the belts and the bag!
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  2. wow that is seriously lucky to find a barbour coat in your loft! haha my mums old stuff is mostly hideous 80s skirt & jacket suits :S x



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