Sunday, 21 November 2010

Seriously need to go to Leeds Fest in 2011 - i have been waiting my whole life for this weekend with the perfect people and the perfecter music.

I need a job. I need £220 by March 2011. Thankfully i was clever and didn't spend all my birthday money and have it all saved in my crappy, wrote on with purple nail varnish, Leeds piggy bank. I've currently got £182.34. Only like £40 to go i guess, which isn't too bad. Wish i had a job so i could have the money and buy loads and loads of clothes. I've literally applied everywhere. I got interviews for Newlook and Topshop which was a huge surprise but of course im still in school and im too young..arghh!
My dads taking me in the week to hand my CV's to restaurants so hopefully i'll find luck there.


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