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Saturday, 1 January 2011

Woooo, it's finally 2011 so basically a fresh start to mostly everything.
Sorry about the seriously blurry photos, i was experimenting with loads of different settings on my new camera and i really like this black and white film grain one, makes the photos look old-ish.
I spent the first hours of new year in one of Japans trains stations at 3 am in the morning waiting to come home from a Shrine which is the typical celebration for Japanese people where they pray for happiness or whatever. But i guess it was a weird and unforgettable experience. It was either that or go out with my brother and girlfriend, but there'd be no point im too young to drink here. My new years resolution was to eat healthier and cut out the junk food but there were so many food stalls with burgers and crepes and things it was tourcher :(.


  1. I love these photos, even the blurriness, I think it has a really interesting effect on the subject :)



  2. I love these photos - and i seriously want that jacket!! jealous x 1000.


  3. so jealous of you getting to go to Japan! i've like been learning the language since i was 7 years old and i still haven't been. i'm now 16 :|
    Looks like you had a lot of fun over there, and i love your photography
    i just got a new camera which i've been experimenting with myself and I love the blurred effect too.

    following you!




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