Double denim and two-toned hair

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Yey, my new shoesy ^

I was just thinking, no-one EVER wear double denim. But i actually really like the look, its sort of American and its looks good if you wear two different colours of denim. 
I really need help with my shitty hair! Should i keep it this colour on the bottom or go blonder..arcggjhfdjsfghwu HELP!?!? 


  1. okay, love your hair love your doubledenim and love your shoes!

    ahhhhhhhh your actually now my idol

    LOVE your blog

  2. Hehe you have like two toned denim and two toned hair, it looks cool:)
    Erm I don't think you should go toooo blonde on your hair but it's up to you really, it looks nice anyway.

    And those shoes proper look like the Litas, way more than I thought, they're seriousyl identical! Lovelovelove them x

  3. Your hair is absolutely divine, don't change it!

  4. those new shoes are absolutely beautiful! I really want a pair, but they must be difficult to walk in? i love your hair by the way, don't change it! How did you do it? Dip dye? X

  5. you don't know how happy this makes me ! two of my favourite things right here !

  6. i'm sorry but these photos are gorgeous!!

  7. Everyones comment had made my day and made me smile! Thank you for reading my blog and commenting on my post's!
    Love everyone of you lot heheh<3.

  8. Since they are not litas, what brand/designer are they??
    Plzz tell me!!



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