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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Sorry that i haven't done an outfit post in years! Well not years, about 20 days but yeah its because vie just recently got back from Japan, and im seriously still really jet lagged and also i've been back to school and like i've been doing loads of revision so i haven't really had a lot of time unfortunately :( But i'll make sure i do a post this weekend and ill start doing them more regularly like before! And more than 100 followers, OHHH MY GOD i didn't even think about 10 people read my blog, but bloody hell thanks so muchhhhhhhh:O!

But prom's coming up soon and most of my friends have decided on a dress and i still haven't arghhhhh. But i really like this Space-print dress, but i have no clue who designs it or anything but yeah, its probably out of my price range anyway! But i know i'm wearing Jeffery Campbell Lita platform heels..wowowoow.

If anyone has any other nice dress ideas, help please hehehe?!?!?! (or if anyone knows who else sells a smiler dress!)


  1. I just adore this dress! If anyone links you to one like this please post it because I so desperately want one like this, I just love how unique it is and the style. Hope you feel less jet lagged :)

  2. I adore it to, i love the print on the material! I know Christopher Kane has dress like this but there about £2000:O! And of course i will, if anyone does though!
    And thank you for the comment, and yeah, i hope i feel less jet lagged soon too heheh x

  3. i LOVE dresses like these... search for one in polyvore? that's what i usually do, and see what comes up! for example, i can't find a black chiffon overlay maxi skirt anywhere except nasty gal for about £65 :(
    hope you had a brilliant time in Japan!

  4. I've done that, but I only get three results and there not the ones I want bahhhhh:(! I was going to get one of them from Asos on sale a couple of weeks ago, only about £15! I'll try and find a link, there's quite a few on Asos.
    Thanks for the comment, and yeah I had a lovely time. Hope your had a great Christmas and new year:)

  5. I just love that dress!
    Tjeck out my fashion blog

  6. So do I, but waaaay to expensive:(
    I will do, thanks!x

  7. Omg that dress is the most perfect thing I have ever seen!! at first I was gonna say it was Christopher Kane, but it isn't :( hope you find it though!

    And erm as if you have LITAS?! you lucky jghdjkh, haha I want some! anyway i love your blog :)

    ps. lmao this sounds creepy as but don't you go to all saints? x

  8. You could see if a dress maker could make you something similar? or someone studying fashion.. lovely dress x

  9. I don't have Litas Sonia:( I wish I did though, but I'm going to try and buy some for prom! And yeah I do:)

  10. I though about that Mia, but I was just wondering how they'd get the material or anything!
    Thanks for the comments x

  11. wow!!! I need that dress!!! BADLY! haha xxx

  12. Ohhh right,well i hope you get them! :)

    and i was looking for that dress for myself hehe and BOOM:
    It's by setareh mohtarez, so there you go! :)

    and yep hehe thought you did! i go there too x

  13. Indigo, tell me about it! Its amazing:(
    And thank you, but he/she doesn't have an online boutique yet so:/ and it'll be way to expensive arghhhhhh....oh cool x



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